Working Woman (Работница) February 1927

Working Woman / Работница / Magazine. Issue No. 3 February 1927

Russian Language


(Fun back of the magazine featuring late 20's fashion)

Работница / Working Woman was established on an initiative of Lenin in order to "protect the interests of the women's labor movement" and promote the views of the labor movement . Participant in the creation of the journal and members of the editorial board include the likes of: N. K. Krupskaya , I. F. Armand ,  A M. Kollontai , and others.

The first issue came out on February 23 ( March 8, New Style ) , 1914 . Until 1923 he was published in St. Petersburg , then in Moscow . In 1914, 7 issues were published, of which 3 were confiscated by the police ; On June 26 (July 9), the publication was discontinued due to police harassment.

The issue was resumed from May 10 (23), 1917 to January 26 (February 8), 1918 as a weekly magazine of the Central Committee of the RSDLP, however, during this time only 13 issues were published. Since 1943 it has become a monthly magazine. Since 1991 , it has been published at the expense of the publishing house staff, since 2009 - by the Rabotnitsa publishing house.

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