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  • An interesting pamphlet from a historical point of view, goes to show just how much the communist parties of other countries had been taken over by the Stalinists.

    To ally Trotsky against Lenin and position him outside the Bolshevik line, against Lenin, is such an absurd lie that it’s almost laughable. Thank god the open archives of today can vouch that without Lenin and Trotsky there would be no Russian Revolution, for only they held the correct positions during the October revolution. As for the claptrap concerning Trotskyism being allied with the Nazis, not even worth addressing for it’s purposeful and historical falsehoods. Yet the same arguments are pushed to this day by the various communist parties.

    I’d highly recommend to anyone the book Lenin and Trotsky: What they really stood for by Ted Grant and Alan Woods. Made as a response to Monty Johnstone, it’s a must read for any Comrade worth their salt!


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