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  • I loved how in every instance especially when Wells seems to back track still to the point of addressing the social reforms allowed to pass by Roosevelt as a transition willingly to socialism, and in that same instance reinforces the “good” will of ROCKEFELLER AND FORD, I just thought that was crazy especially looking back at studying in my college class how absolutely Horrendous the working conditions were.

    Like to be honest I see a lot of points Wells makes that are still used today, about the greatness of reforms in a capitalist economy, that shows the naivety of the Leftists kind of with the “We can vote socialism in” like with Bernie sanders, especially myself few years back when I was still in Highschool. its just crazy to see the resemblance and similarities although of course following the track of history with the ever-stronger Red Scare during the Fifties, and CIA knocking on every Global southern countries door.

    Jonas Rodriguez

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